Time to ‘Moov’ that painful neck

pain relieving cream

Neck pain can become a thing of the past with Moov pain relieving cream. Here’s why you need to keep a tube of Moov cream handy.

Neck pain can severely impact your daily life. It can make it difficult for you to move your head, or even walk and sit like you always do. Neck pain may be caused by any number of factors, from an underlying disease to wrong posture.

If you have been suffering neck pain for years, then it is a chronic condition that needs a doctor’s attention. It might be due to a disease or disorder that has not yet been diagnosed. But if you are certain that your neck hurts because of stress, anxiety or overwork, then there are simple measures you can take by yourself to relieve the pain. Minor neck pain can be easily alleviated by using a good pain relieving cream like Moov.

Why does your neck hurt?

There are several reasons why your neck could hurt. Some of the most common ones are:

Overwork. Hard work and stress can cause a stiffening of the neck muscles, especially if your work involves being seated and/or staring at a computer screen for long periods of time. The neck is forced to remain stiff for long periods of time, thus causing the muscles to freeze and start to ache. You can gently relieve the pressure by turning your neck up and down and sideways slowly. Also rotate the shoulders so that blood circulation to the neck is improved.

Improper posture. Your shoulders slump forward and so does the neck. Automatically, the spine gets curved. This posture can give you severe neck pain, and even permanently freeze the neck in an ‘outward’ position. Over time, you might need physical therapy to correct the problem. It is also a painful condition to endure. Meanwhile, you can apply a pain relieving cream like Moov to ease the pain and reduce its intensity.

Sleeping on a soft pillow. A hidden culprit for neck pain is the wrong pillow. A soft pillow might feel cosy and comfortable, but it can become a major problem for your neck. When you sleep, your pillow should support the neck such that the head remains straight and in line with the spine. If your head dips below the shoulder blades, then you need a new pillow. Keep a pain relieving cream on your nightstand in case the pain is too intense.

Improper exercise. Exercise is essential to remove pain from the body – but doing too much of it, or doing it wrongly can hurt your neck. In worst cases, your neck can become completely immobile and make it difficult to turn or look sideways.

The best pain relieving creams contain a complex of ingredients like turpentine oil, eucalyptus oil, wintergreen oil and mint extract. These ingredients go to the source of the pain and eliminate it within just a few hours.

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