The Interesting Story of The Milwaukee Brewers Mascot- Bernie Brewer!

Bernie Brewer

The name of Bernie Brewer is well- loved and popular as the mascot of The Milwaukee Brewers. He has an interesting story and he considered to be one of the best mascots in the NFL League. His story begins in 1970, when the Milwaukee Brewers being new in the NFL arena failed to attract new fans to the matches.  Their home games were played at The Milwaukee County Stadium however the number of spectators were very less. An elderly man named Milt Mason in order to draw in more fans, sat on the top of the scoreboard till the team were able to draw a home crowd of about 40,000 people. He sat there for 40 days. He achieved his goal as there was the Crowd of Bat Day that numbered about 44,387 people on August 16th. In joy, he decided to slide down the rope however he sustained burns while coming down. His limbs were injured. He died in 1973 after a long illness and till date he is considered to be the first Bernie Brewer of The Milwaukee Brewers team!

Sandy Petrocelli is an ardent fan of Wisconsin teams and he says that he loves to hear the vivid and the colorful stories of his team. He says that he shares them with all and sundry. He adds that in 1973, Bernie Brewer became the official mascot of the team. He was dedicated to the memory of the late Milt Mason, he was created as a happy man with a mustache that was quite large. In 1980, Bernie Brewer received a beer-barrel chalet in the stadium. There he sat and promoted the team to cheer. After every home run and win, he would slide down the chalet and drop into a beer mug as a celebration for the team. He is joined by Bonnie Brewer who being his companion playfully swats at the back of the opponent team’s third based coach. She uses a broom to sweep the path that belongs to the crew of the field.

The retirement and reappearance of Bernie Brewer

Bernie Brewer became the permanent mascot of The Milwaukee Brewers until 1984. However when the team replaced the chalet, Bernie went into retirement. A sound tower replaced the chalet.  However, under popular demand he was forced to be recalled and he came back as a full bodied man with a foam costume and a large head. This chalet was built again and it was placed on top of the left centered bleachers on the field.

This chalet can now be found at The Lakefront Brewery that is a local brewery in Milwaukee. You may take a tour of this brewery and see it there if you wish to says Sandy Petrocelli. Bernie Brewer can be still seen today. He now slides down a slide that is made of plastic and is yellow in color. He falls on a platform that is not a beer mug but a home plate when the Brewers get a home run. There is another interesting fact of Bernie Brewers chalet- a couple called Cecelia and Joseph tied the knot here in 2008.


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