The four Beguiling Spots of Ahmedabad will leave you Stunned

Beguiling Spots of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a spectacular city for the ones who like to travel. Yes, you might be thinking what can be thrilling about a city which is full of industrialisation and textile industry right? Well, there is so much extensiveness concealed under the realm of this city. Once you visit Ahmedabad, you will experience so many beautiful artistic monuments and enticing spiritual spots.

It would be great if you carry out a trip to this city so as to witness the thrill, magnificence and charm yourself. Don’t worry about the stay because there are good hotels Ahmedabad India available for tourists and visitors. For now, have a look at four beguiling spots of this city.

  1. The Jumma Masjid

Jumma Masjid is the very refined architectural specimens which stands tall in this city. This majestic mosque was constructed by Sultan Ahmed Shah in year 1423 to offer the Muslim followers a space to congregate for their Friday prayers. It has been believed that this yellow sandstone mosque was constructed with bits from wrecked of Hindu and Jain shrines. This mosque contains two hundred sixty pillars which are covered with distinct carvings and interior of shrine is beautifully lit by natural lights which filter through latticework screens.

  1. Akshardham-Temple

This temple is devoted to Swaminarayan and it is premium example of present day architecture and chic. Akshardham has been believed to be a space of brilliance, enlightenment and entertainment. More than two million visitors visit the temple every year. Its golden idol of Swaminarayan which is ten stories tall along with its entire artistic appearance grabsthe hearts of visitors.

  1. Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram is extremely popular among the tourist spots for visiting in Ahmedabad. It is the spot that holds a massive ancient significance. The spot is also known as Gandhi Ashram. The place keeps the visitors and tourists integral and offer them a lot of thrill and information. Different activities like freedom movement took place at this place. Gandhi Ji spent a notable time of his life at this place.

Diverse belongings of Mahatma Gandhi can be seen in a museum located here. His books, eyeglasses, letters, slippers and diverse stuff will cater you a feel of his presence. A single visit to this Ashram will familiarise you with variety of enlightenment. This place not just talks about the deeds of beloved father but also show the respect and admiration of people for Gandhi ji.

  1. The-Calico-Museum

The museum reserves a cherished place in the hearts of visitors. People get a chance to see a huge collection of distinct textiles like costumes, royal tents, and carpets. The museum was constructed in the year nineteen forty-nine and showcases the remarkable collections of 17 and 18 centuries. The collections include spiritual artworks on cloth, brocades, embroideries and silk textures and the Kashmiri Shawls.

Thus, these were just four beguiling spots of Ahmedabad, in case you want to enjoy plenty of other spots too, just visit this city. You can get room in reasonable Ahmedabad five star hotels for your halt.

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