Play sports? Make Moov your friend

Moov your friend

Those who play sports or competitive games are well acquainted with pain, fatigue and extreme exhaustion. Sportspersons must be in prime physical condition to be able to perform at the highest levels at all times. What the rest of the world sees is just a fraction of what a competitive sportsperson actually puts in, in terms of performance – the world just sees a few matches, while the players are in practice and gruelling workouts all year round.

Competing at the highest levels of the sport – may be it be individual sports or group ones – requires optimum levels of fitness and strength. The player needs to be physically and mentally strong to be able to get through an entire match, and every part of the body must be in fine fettle to be able to perform well.

But during the course of play or even practice, repeated use of the muscles and joints causes fatigue and eventually, tearing and inflammation. Athletes can suffer misaligned toes and inflamed leg and foot muscles, cricketers can have painful backs and shoulders, gymnasts may be in perpetual danger of fractures and muscle tears, and tennis players have sore elbows, toes and knees. Every sport, as effortless as it looks to the outside world, is filled with tremendous pain and several kinds of injuries. And hence, every sportsperson learns to befriend pain and all the treatments that go with it.

Thus, if you are a sportsperson, you must definitely have a bevy of painkilling sprays, creams, ointments and tablets in your bag. Or you can just carry a tube of Moov.

Why Moov?

Moov products are designed for fast-acting pain relief while soothing inflammation and sore muscles, as also painful joints in the body. Whether you are stiff after a hard practice or in need of immediate assistance because you pulled a hamstring during a game, it’s always Moov to the rescue.

Scores of sportsperson depend on Moov products for relief from their everyday painful muscles and joints. Moov creams are fast-acting Ayurvedic formulations that comprise ingredients such as wintergreen oil, turpentine oil, mint and eucalyptus oil to aid in reducing inflammation, creating warmth to aid healing and working at the deep tissue level to remove the signs and symptoms of pain.

You can rely on Moov products like the pain relieving cream and spray to pull you through everyday stresses and pains that occur as a result of your game. There’s no need to sit your season out if you get immediate help – just keep a tube of Moov cream or a can of Moov spray in your bag so that you can use it whenever needed and get relief from pain much faster. Your coach will also recommend the same, as will a good sports physiotherapist.

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