Meredith Iler is Helping the Military Soldiers Who Are Facing Addiction and Post Traumatic Stress

Meredith Iler

Being a hero of war is not an uncomplicated thing. You are putting your existence on the line for your nation every single day. Not only could you lose your life, but you could probably finish off wounded without being able to make available for yourself or your family. Just the notion of these ideas is enough to cause someone to have a nervous collapse, but for soldiers who have to tolerate them, it can all time and again be too much. That is why soldiers are tremendously at risk for PTSD. Many veteran soldiers then take the footstep of trying to deal with PTSD, instead of looking for help. They do this through a diversity of methods, but most of them result in addiction.

This does not mean that veteran soldiers have to end up maltreating these substances; actually, quite the contradictory. There is a lot that can be done by the family members, military, and the community to help see the warning signs and assist them before they get caught up in an addiction. There are two major types of PTSD. These are avoidance and re-experiencing. They have rather different symptoms when they essentially happen, and can be in anywhere from meek to relentless forms.

According to Meredith Iler, the individual who experiences PTSD episodes could be thinking that they are in a completely different country, area, or situation. You require trying to calm them down, but evade confronting them. They could be experiencing a flashback and try to assault you. You have to also understand that now and then it can be a trigger that causes the event to come about. Most of the time it is not going to be an unexpected occurrence, something will make them jolt back to where they experienced a horrific situation or stress.

Alcohol is one of the most generally abused substances by individuals who are having PTSD episodes. This is not only because it is trouble-free to get, but because it makes them believe that they are able to sweep away their inconveniences. Alcohol is one of the most unpleasant substances that they could be using only because it further disheartens them. This could lead to suicidal feelings, or other psychological health issues.

Drug use is another foremost problem among soldiers in Houston. This is not because they usually hang around with individuals who have drugs, but they have sufficient money to pay for drugs. Most soldiers have additional income and individuals who sell drugs will be able to make the most of that. Some drugs can cause soldiers to further fantasize when they are having a PTSD episode. As Meredith Iler said, this could make them further think that the situation is actual and cause real damage to themselves or the society.

Fortunately there is hope for these soldiers. PTSD can be treated through counseling, therapy, and contact with a specialist. If a veteran soldier is experiencing an addiction they can converse with an addiction counselor who can put them into a healing program that will help them in becoming clean.

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