Know about the first orthopaedic surgeon!

The knee replacement surgery had been initially implemented in 1968 and hadprogressed over an inordinate length of timeto a dependable and active way to get rid ofimmobilizing pain and let patients restart their energetic lives. Developments in surgical methods and embedplan and building have assisted this one of the best and successful orthopaedicmethods today. Upon increase in the population and persisted more dynamic, the need for knee replacement stays to increase. These days, roughly 270,000 total knee replacements are performed every year.Most of the improvements in knee replacement surgery took place at SPARSH Hospital. Developments in the medicalmethod and the strategy of new implantations are a limited of the offerings the physicians of the Knee service.Knee replacement is achieved to substitute the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint. It helps in getting rid of pain and infirmity. The surgical procedure seems very easy and assures less pain and better mobility.

India is the most chosen medical destination by the patients approaching from various parts of the world for knee replacement cure. The reasons include the low-pricebenefit for knee replacement action along with the best feature as provided in the developed countries.The top most knee replacement hospitals in India are Artemis Hospital Gurgaon, Medanta- the Medcity in Gurgaon, Columbia Asia Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, WockhardtHospital, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.

There are many knee replacement surgeons India. Among all, Dr.AshokRajgopal is the best knee specialist in India.

Dr.Rajgopalwas the first orthopaedic surgeon in India to carry outsimulated knee replacement surgery by means of Patient ExplicitDevices. Accurate alignment is of chief importance in confirming the long life and rightfunction of the knee joint. This kind ofoperation in India, chainsdevelopments in instrument technology

throughrecognizedorthopaedicconfiguration principles and provides the greatest fit possible. This process is implemented by execution of an MRI scan of the injured knee joint which allowsevery individual to observe the joint in its wholesome anatomical form to progress a customized surgical plan and proportions for each individual. Prearranged implant sizing removesnumerous instruments as well as trials without negotiating the surgeon’s verdict making the surgical method and intraoperative tractability.
Dr.Rajgopal is the supporter of an exclusive body of worldwide knee surgeons which is involved in scheming over knee implants, the modernexistence the “PERSONA” knee system. The PERSONA KNEE SYSTEM was propelled in September 2013, in India and has practicallytransformed the thought of knee replacement surgery viagenerating an almost modified knee replacement system.

There are various other surgeons who are expertise in total replacement surgery and are very educated with lots of experience in India and few of them also travelled abroad. The qualifications of the knee surgeon in India are MS in Orthopaedic, MCH in knee replacement, International fellowship and training programs, Publications and presentations in Medical journals and also wide clinical experience. There are few other surgeons well-known for the surgery and below is the list of few of them.

Dr, Vikram Shah, Dr. Sanjay Desai, Dr. Rajesh Rajput, Dr.Niraj Vora, Dr. Sanjay Agarwal, Dr. Rajput, Dr. Kunal Patel, Dr. Harish Bende, Dr. N S Laud, Dr.Urkesh Shah.