How To Choose The Right Strings For Acoustic Guitars?

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The strings of a guitar are as important as the guitar itself. They determine the sound and playability and therefore, choosing the right strings for your guitar is an extremely important task. You have to know exactly which type of strings produce which type of sound and tonal quality such that you can choose the strings conveniently to produce the sound and style you are looking for. The followings are the important things to keep in mind while choosing acoustic guitar strings. If you are buying the string online, you have to go through guitar string reviews to make sure that the strings produce sound as per expectation and they are of good quality with good enough durability.

Factors For Buying Strings For Acoustic Guitars –

More than electric guitars, one has to be choosy while buying strings for acoustic guitars. The reason is that acoustic guitars do not have any pickups or amplifiers and hence, the sound produced by the strings has a greater impact.

Guitar Body Type – There are basically two types of acoustic guitars available on the market. One uses nylon strings and they are called classic guitars while the other uses steel strings and they are typically called acoustic guitars. You have to remember that their strings are not interchangeable and if you happen to use steel strings with nylon strings on a classical guitar, the sound quality will be bad and will damage the guitar as they are not tailor-made to handle the tension produced by steel strings. The bridge and saddles will get damaged too.

Gauge Type – Once you have decided the body type, you have to choose the gauge or thickness of the strings to use. There are different gauges of strings available starting from lightest to heaviest. You should choose lighter gauge only when you want to bend notes easily and you have a vintage guitar. It is true that it is easy to play lighter gauge strings but they break easily too and they produce less sustain and volume but exert less pressure on the guitar neck. But thicker gauge strings produce higher volume and sustain and you need to put greater pressure to play them and bend the notes. Whatever your style of playing the guitar is you have to make a choice based on that. If you are buying the strings online, do check out the guitar string reviews to make sure that they produce the expected result.

Construction Material – Even though acoustic guitars are tailor-made for steel strings, there are some other metallic strings available on the market that can be used seamlessly. For example, bronze strings can be used as they are clear and bright tone but they have a short lifetime. Therefore, various other variants like phosphorous bronze and aluminum bronze strings are also used for greater durability and clarity.

Other than them, you can use brass strings for jangling and producing some metallic characteristic-based sound. Polymer-coated strings are also used in acoustic guitar. Silk and steel strings are popular among amateur due to softer touch and delicate tone quality.

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