Here’s why you should take a shower every day

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A daily shower is a must if you wish to have healthy skin and hair.

The summer is well and truly upon us, and the hot weather is making us all sweat and suffer like nothing else can. It seems like both moving and staying still release copious amounts of sweat from the skin. The clothes cling to the body, trapping more heat inside the skin, making you feel hotter than before.

In short, all you want to do in the summer months is sip on iced drinks and take frequent cold water baths. While taking a shower when the mercury rises is a given, it is important to take a shower every single day – no matter what the temperature is.

How daily showers help

A shower performs the important function of cleaning the skin and hair. Over the course of the day, your skin and hair accumulate dust, dirt and grime as they are exposed to weather conditions and pollution in the environment. The skin also secretes oil and sweat during the course of the day, which become a magnet for dust and dirt to cling to the hair and skin.

Regular showers are an important component of personal hygiene to maintain skin and hair health:

1 If not cleansed on time, the environmental pollutants collude with the skin’s secreted oils to form a gunky layer on the skin, hair and scalp. This layer must be removed so as to minimise the chances of the skin and hair appearing sallow and unclean.

2 Skin not cleaned with a regular shower is more prone to acne, rashes, infections, odour (arising from pooled sweat) etc.

3 Hair not washed at least every alternate day is prone to sweat, dandruff, itchy scalp and other irritants. These may soon lead to hair loss. Just one simple step in personal hygiene – that of washing your hair often – can eliminate these problems.

4 A daily bath promotes feelings of contentment and wellness. Cold water is said to stimulate blood circulation when you take a shower – besides, a cold shower in the summer is such a blissful experience!

Here’s how can have the best shower

Invest in an antibacterial bar soap that has a pleasant fragrance. The antibacterial soap has the potential to kill 99.9% germs on contact, so the skin becomes really clean and germ free during your shower. Be sure to wash away all traces of the soap and wipe the skin gently after you are done.

You can also have a great shower with a loofah and liquid antibacterial soap. The liquid soap works up a rich lather and only a small amount is needed for your shower. The soap and loofah scrub away all vestiges of dead skin, sweat and dirt, thus keeping the skin really clean and healthy. Besides, the soap is easily washed away.

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