Here’s How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches From Your Kitchen

Cockroaches From Your Kitchen

While there are many insects known to mankind, few have proven to be as wretched as cockroaches. Out of the over 3,500 species of cockroaches that have been identified, only a small number pose significant risks to human beings and their well-being. However, considering the myriad of threats they pose renders their species inconsequential. Cockroaches are rightfully regarded as a nuisance for many reasons like their repugnant odour, nauseating characteristics, and primarily their capacity to spread diseases such as diarrhoea, dysentery, typhoid fever, and cholera. In fact, they are also capable of making their way and ruining food, books, electronics, and other possessions found in a residence. Bear in mind that these pests are known to scavenge revolting spots such as sewers, drains, rubbish bins, food storage places, and kitchens – an alarming fact that makes people even more vulnerable to a variety of diseases. Cockroaches discharge lumps of semi-digested food and leave their faeces behind in homes. But that’s not the only way they cause damage and wreak havoc – their secretions also cause sickening odour in the space they inhabit or the food they have crawled over.

Though cockroaches a.k.a. vectors of disease and foul matter originate in tropical regions, they are also present in temperate areas. They occupy parts of buildings and houses with not only enough food but also warmth and moisture. They typically exist in groups and come out at night, concealing themselves in cracks and gaps in door frames, furniture, walls during the day. In fact, there are many more traditional hiding spots for cockroaches including cupboards, basements, bathrooms, televisions, electric devices, drains, and sewers.

Among all their hiding spots in a house, kitchens are deemed to be the most dangerous. There is little doubt that it can prove to be quite a menace if cockroaches invade your kitchen and for many obvious reasons including the fact that that is where food consumed by the family is stored. Thankfully, there are several measures and means one can undertake to deal this hazard. And while there are several methods to prevent and control cockroach infestation in your kitchen, the question ‘how to control cockroach in kitchen’ is generally answered by cleanliness.

Here is a lowdown of how to control cockroach in kitchen:

  1. To remove cockroaches from your kitchen, it is important to keep it thoroughly clean. Use an appropriate cleaning agent to clean kitchen surfaces, floors, counter tops, top of the stove, under the fridge, etc. In fact, one must also regularly clean the inside of the fridge.
  1. Inspect your kitchen to identify the source of water for the roaches. This also includes water leaks. Find the source and ensure that their supply of water is cut off.
  1. Make sure food is never left out unattended for prolonged periods of time. Furthermore, ensure that food is stored in only sealed containers.
  1. One must not leave dirty dishes out overnight.
  1. Mop the floor regularly to clean food crumbs and sticky spots in the kitchen.
  1. Use a dustbin with a lid but ensure that it is emptied regularly.
  1. Routinely use sprays such as MorteinPowergard All Insect Killer or Mortein Cockroach Killer before going to sleep for the night. Using these sprays in vital cracks and corners in and around the kitchen can prove to be quite fruitful when trying to get rid of roaches.

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