Going On Vacation? Protect Your Home While You’re Away

Going On Vacation

Going on vacation should be a relaxing break from daily life, but returning to find your home has been damaged or burgled will undo any stress-relieving benefits of your trip. Protecting your home against intruders and accidental damage gives you peace of mind and also helps to keep your insurance provider happy, as you will be able to show that you have taken extra steps to protect your property.


Broadcasting your vacation plans makes it more likely that thieves will target your property, as they know that nobody will be home. Don’t talk about your impending vacation or travel plans on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, as you are potentially telling hundreds or thousands of strangers that your home is empty. In addition, take care when discussing your plans in local shops and public areas, as you never know who is listening.

Visible Signs

Thieves often look for visible signs that a house is empty, such as newspapers, letters and leaflets piling up. Cancel all regular deliveries, such as newspapers and groceries, and ask a friend to drop by every day to pick up the mail, remove external signs of an empty home and open or draw the curtains. In addition, you can use timer switches to turn lights, radios and television sets on and off at specific times of the day, adding to the illusion that somebody is home. Move all valuable and sentimental items to a safe or ask a friend to take care of them while you’re away.


Taking security precautions, such as using an alarm system, setting up security cameras and using security pens to mark your possessions, adds an extra layer of protection for your property. For maximum protection and peace of mind, a residential home security package can offer a wide range of advanced security options for your home, such as temperature controls, remote access to your security system and live streaming cameras in your home. Installing a comprehensive residential home security system could also reduce your insurance costs.

Accidental Damage

Accidental damage caused by burst water pipes and faulty electrical equipment can often be prevented by taking a few simple precautions, such as turning off the water and gas supply and unplugging all electrical appliances. In addition, always check for potential fire and safety hazards before leaving your home.


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