General Guidelines For Using Thermometer And Measuring Body Temperature

Using Thermometer

The thermometer is a very useful scientific instrument to check body temperature and assess whether one has fever. Every hospital and doctor uses this tool to measure the body temperature and any fluctuation over a period of time for correct diagnosis.

There are two ways to measure the body temperate – core temperature measurement and surface temperature measurement. When we measure the temperature of deep tissues of the body, it’s known as core measurement while the surface measurement incudes the gauging of the surface skin tissues.

  • For core temperature, the measurement is taken through any of these body parts, including rectum, oral cavity and ear canal
  • In surface temperature, the measurement is taken through armpit and forehead

Out of the two available methods of measurement, the core temperature is regarded more accurate and recommended by doctors. However, the surface might not deliver that much accuracy purely because of constant changes in the surroundings. So, the surface is only good if the core is not feasible in some cases when you use body temperature thermometer to asses fever in people.

General guidelines on using thermometers 

We use thermometers to get an accurate reading so that it becomes clear whether fever is present. The instrument should be high-quality to deliver consistent and right results. More than that, you should know how to use the device well to not go wrong with the measurement itself.

Keep in mind a few things while using a thermometer –

  • Before buying the instrument, compare the accuracy and suitability so that you can get the desired level of convenience and quality with the reading
  • The thermometer you choose should suit the age and health condition of the individual or people it’s meant for
  • In case of any doubt with the method of measurement, consult a doctor and get better results
  • If someone carries the risk of infection, then make sure not to use the same device for checking other people’s fever as this can help spread the disease further
  • It’d great if you could have personal thermometers for people with communicable diseases as this will avoid the risk that cross-infection generally carries
  • Before using the device, refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer so that you can understand the right way of use and method of reading
  • To get accurate and consistent results, stay away from activities that might impact temperature measurement in any which way
  • Don’t drink either hot water or hot beverages right before your measurement of oral temperature as this can deprive you of the right readings
  • Always refer to the use instructions to clean and maintain the thermometer as each manufacturer may have an entirely different set of procedures to follow
  • In cases where temperature comparison is needed, you should take the reading on a fixed time each use and follow the same method with all your attempts
  • The readings may not necessarily be correct as various factors can have an influence, so consult the doctor for any doubt in this regard

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