Experience the Picturesque City of Mussoorie

City of Mussoorie

There are very few towns around the world that leave an impact on you when you visit them. These are a group of special places to visit that create a lasting impact in memory that will take a long time to fade. Yes, India is home to several amazing tourist attractions but none can come close to the picturesque beauty of Mussoorie. The best thing about the town of Mussoorie is that the beauty that we just talked about comes from natural sources. The place is almost untouched by human greed and hence is still maintaining its natural beauty.

Many travellers from around the world come to see this amazing place because they kind of find themselves in the natural expanses. When someone experiences the awesome natural vegetation, this place has to offer, they feel that they have encountered something out of the ordinary. This is the essence of Mussoorie. It is a picturesque city that leaves an impact on your life.

There are several places to visit in Mussoorie that make you feel that it is a picturesque place. The first of which is the Kempty Falls, which is an awe-inspiring water fall that is located at an altitude of four thousand five hundred feet. The roads leading to this water fall are winding and tricky to navigate as they are not very well constructed. It is advised that you take an experienced driver to these areas as they can be too difficult to counter for new drivers in the area. You can even book hotels near to the Kempty Falls as there are several heritage hotels in mussoorie that you can opt for.

You also need to experience the awesome trekking area of the Camel’s Back Road. The Camel’s Back Road is a really good trekking trail that attracts people from all around the world. The trekking trail may get a little tricky for the novice trekker and it may seem a little easy for a very experienced trekker.

One thing you must do when you are in Mussoorie is to interact with the locals who are very friendly and eager to share their culture. The people of Mussoorie are a very interesting cultural subset in India when compared to all the other different cultures that are present. This is because, hundreds of years ago, the people of Mussoorie were cut off from external contact. They have developed their own styles and culture that is very different. The hotels in Mussoorie are serviced by the local tribesmen, therefore, when you stay at these hotels, you pick up some of the cultural traits. You can find several best resorts near mussoorie that will help you pick up the cultural traits.

Therefore, the town of Mussoorie is a fantastic and picturesque place to visit and enjoy in your own way without any plans or restrictions. Another advantage of this place is that it is a small town and hence you would not spend too much time travelling here and there. Hopefully, you will have a fantastic vacation ahead.

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