Because ink should never be on your clothes!

removing ink stains

Ink is an integral part of our lives. Though most of us are hardwired to use our smartphones for everything, we still require pens and markers to jot down things on the run. Ink is also present in other things that we often use, such as printers.

The thing about ink is, it is designed to be quite long lasting on paper and other materials. Marker ink, especially, is quite permanent and difficult to erase. While this quality is great when we’re using ink on paper, it helps little when ink splashes on the clothes. Removing ink stains is the worst job in the world, because however hard you try to remove them, they hardly ever go away completely. They might fade with repeated washes, but there’s always a mark left behind to remind you of your inky mishap!

Unless of course, you’re using Vanish to remove ink stains – in which case, it will be gone in the first instance.

How to use Vanish on ink stains

Vanish has two variants – powder and liquid – to remove ink stains from clothes. Vanish Shakti O2 is the powder variant, while the other is Vanish Liquid. Both of them exhibit tremendous stain-blasting properties that zap ink stains in just one use. You might need not more than two uses to remove the most stubborn ink stain from your clothes.

Besides, Vanish is gentle on the clothes’ fabrics while being harsh on stains. So your clothes emerge completely clean and with their original shine intact.

This is how you can use Vanish to remove ink stains:

  • When you spot the stain, take a wet tissue paper and blot the stain. Do not rub the stain or it will spread deeper into the fibres. Blotting soaks up the excess ink, which makes the further process of stain removal easier.
  • Once you have blotted out the excess ink, take a measure of Vanish Shakti O2 in half a bucket of water, and soak the stained cloth in it. After soaking (one hour for colours, six hours for whites) you can wash the clothing with one scoop of Vanish and your usual detergent.
  • You will need to adopt a slightly different approach when using Vanish Liquid: Apply some liquid directly to the stain, and set aside the garment for at least one hour. Now wash the clothing with your usual detergent and one measure of Vanish Liquid.

Once the ink stain comes in contact with Vanish, it stands no chance of setting in or even staying put on the fabric. So now there is really no need to panic if you get a splash of ink on your clothes – trust Vanish to remove the ink stain.

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